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Con to the question "Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?"

“Some policymakers are proposing to raise the minimum wage, but that policy would be harmful. Research shows businesses would respond to the increased costs by reducing employment, particularly for low-skilled workers. Some businesses may pass the higher costs on to consumers. Despite the hope of proponents, the minimum wage does little, if anything, to decrease poverty.”

“Four Reasons Not to Raise the Minimum Wage,” (accessed Mar. 16, 2016)


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Founded in 1977, Cato owes its name to Cato’s Letters, a series of essays published in 18th-century England that presented a vision of society free from excessive government power.”

“About Cato,” (accessed Mar. 16, 2016)


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“Cato’s Mission,” (accessed Mar. 16, 2016)

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