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Brittany Hunter Biography

Associate Editor at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Con to the question "Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?"

“When the minimum wage is increased, the private sector is responsible for finding the means to actually pay for these increases. Though many companies will be forced to raise prices in order to continue operating within their profit margins, some might be left with no choice but to lay off employees or dramatically cut employee hours.

Since minimum wage pay is typically associated with entry-level workers, if employers are forced to let these employees go, they will lack the skills necessary to quickly rebound in the job market. As a result, the unemployment rate begins to rise.”

“What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us about Raising the Minimum Wage,”, Jan. 12, 2017

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  • Associate Editor and Senior Writer, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), 2017-present
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  • Contributor, Center for Individualism
  • Co-host, Beltway Banthas podcast
  • Former contributor, Generation Opportunity
  • BA, Political Science, Utah Valley University, date unknown
  • Twitter: @Britt_the_wit
  • Worked with the Ron Paul presidential campaign in Iowa, Nevada, and Utah.
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